Local Public Transport

 Users of public transport can reach Oberderdingen easily and environmentally-friendly using the S4 commuter railway line. This line runs from Baden-Baden via Karlsruhe, Bretten, Oberderdingen and Eppingen and then on to Heilbronn. At the Oberderdingen-Flehingen bus stop (Oberderdingen industrial estate), a large Park & Ride site has been set up to make it easy to change from car to S-Bahn. The new comfortable “dual system vehicles”, which can use the contact wires and platforms of the Karlsruhe S-Bahn as well as Bahn AG, transport passengers directly to the city centres of Heilbronn and Karlsruhe. Groups of visitors can then easily take the S-Bahn to Oberderdingen for hiking, sightseeing or to visit one of the numerous “Besen” (taverns selling homemade wine) in Oberderdingen and Großvillars. In addition, the municipality has started up a late bus service which, in the meantime, has been further expanded and included into the general bus schedule due to it being used well by Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund transport network.

Current timetables of the S-Bahn line and Oberderdingen bus lines can be found at the Infothek, the citizens’ office (Bürgerbüro) at the town hall and at the Flehingen municipal administration department. Or you can simply use our main website. In the right-hand menu, you will find the link to Bahn und KVV (rail and bus networks).