Oberderdingen today

In the heart of the charming Kraichgau-Stromberg and on the wine route with the same name is the community of Oberderdingen.

10400 inhabitants live in the typical Baden-Württemberg community with the districts of Flehingen and Großvillars. Today, the community is part of the former state frontiers to the administrative country of Karlsruhe.

Even the slogan reveals that it is good to live here. An outstanding infrastructure, exquisite landscape and outstanding wine all stand for Oberderdingen.


Everything for Life ...

is not just the slogan of this community. It is the overall concept as well. Traditions are maintained and the inhabitants look confidently into the future with new ideas. Be it residents, companies or guests, the uppermost aim of the community is to provide everything for life.

The Town Hall Team as Service Provider

Citizen orientation and citizen services are not just model terms in Oberderdingen. The BürgerBüro, which was set up in 2001, is open all day Monday to Friday. Over a total of 43 hours, the employees are there for their "customers". In addition, it is open on the first Saturday in every month. Central job completion is the order of the day. From the tasks of the citizen registration office through to the registration of a business or use of the BBQ area and nappy sack issuing, a huge variety of services are completed in the BürgerBüro.


Even the new internet site of the community is completely characterised by the citizen service. Short routes, user-friendly application, modern design and, above all, an extensive range were the aim when we redesigned the old homepage. The practical use of a free email address (firstname.surname @Oberderdingen.de) for every resident of the community is already highly regarded, especially by the young citizens, even after just a few weeks. With the virtual official newsletter, associations and organisations can post their latest information directly on the internet, while releasing it for print in the official newsletter at the same time. 

Station Zukunft Oberderdingen

For decades, Oberderdingen has been the site for industry and commerce.

The E.G.O. group of companies, global manufacturers of heating and control elements and BLANCO, market leader in kitchen technology as well as catering and medical systems offer more than 3500 commercial workplaces together with some medium-sized companies. For them, Oberderdingen is more than a location. It is the home and headquarters of main administration departments and the research and development centres.

With the entry of 40 hectares of intercommunal industrial area in Oberderdingen, the community became one of just six designated focal sites for industry, commerce and service provision in the region of Mittlerer Oberrhein. In 1998, the Wirtschaftsfördergesellschaft [economic development corporation] was formed together with the neighbouring communities of Sulzfeld, Kürnbach and Zaisenhausen as well as the state settlement of Baden-Württemberg and the Sparkasse Kraichgau.


Good transport connections (the region is situated between the B 293 and the Karlsruhe-Heilbronn city railway) make commercial building sites in the region attractive. After new developments, WFI GmbH & Co.KG has virtually 60000 square metres of developed area that can immediately be built upon with plots from 1500 square metres at a price of 45 €/square metre including all development and ownership costs. Business development is given top priority in the town hall. The direct contact on this matter is the mayor.

The Town "Heart" is more important than the Individual Address!
Since 1980, Oberderdingen has been able, with the help of the state from the state renovation programme, to structurally and artistically enhance the historical centre. The reinforcement of the range of services on offer in the centre has been successful with an integrated plan. Through the connection to the S4 Karlsruhe-Heilbronn and the outstanding public transport on offer in the region of Karlsruhe, an increasing number of day visitors are coming from the region of Karlsruhe to Oberderdingen. 


In 2002, the community took another step forwards with two new tourist attractions.


In September 2002, a citizen and cultural establishment with Infothek (information centre) and Vinothek (winery) was made from the listed Schafscheuer building. Today, the building, which was built in 1867, is the contact point for residents and guests. Information, tours through the historic centre and vineyards, guided hikes, everything regarding tourism in Oberderdingen and the surrounding area is on offer here.

The Vinothek presents the entire diversity of range from the 5 vineyard operations in Oberderdingen. More than 140 different wines and sparkling wines from the Oberderdinger Kupferhalde are on offer here. The "wines of the month", which can be sampled free of charge in the Vinothek, make the heart of any wine connoisseur beat a little bit faster. For cultural events, exhibitions, seminars, wine tasting and even private events, there is a large room available on the top floor which has the special atmosphere of the Schafscheuer. For work outings and other occasions, there is a vine-covered arbour in the Vinothek for when the weather is nice.

As the second tourist "innovation", the Aschingerhaus was created with museum and gallery. As part of the centre renovation, this small timbered house, which is also a listed building, was expanded with a centre building and the barn and an appropriate use was found.

The museum in Aschingerhaus contains a permanent exhibition, which is dedicated to the three freemen August Aschinger, Karl Fischer and Heinrich Blanc. Their life history is closely connected with the economic development of the community. In addition, the developments and history of Aschinger AG in Berlin, E.G.O. and BLANCO are presented, from the past, through the present to the future. The information is reported to the visitors in a creative manner using state-of-the-art media technology.

The former barn of Aschingerhaus is used as a gallery for temporary exhibitions. Every year, a series of the widest variety of artists present their work. Be it local through to renowned art, Aschingerhaus has set itself the aim of offering a wide and primarily high-quality spectrum of art.

Foundation of Oberderdinger Marketing GmbH 

On 1.4.2003, the community, together with eight companies from Oberderdingen, founded Oberderdinger Marketing GmbH. Since then, 12 companies have become involved as members along with the community. The reinforcement of marketing measures for the community, the further development of tourism and, predominantly, the marketing and operation of the Forum Oberderdingen are the tasks of this company.

Forum Oberderdingen was opened in January 2004.  From a listed "OLD SCHOOL HOUSE" from the Wilhelminian period, directly next to the Schafscheuer, a conference and culture centre with state-of-the-art equipment was set up. The show-piece of the house is the "DerdingerHorn" - the large room with 170 square metres of usable space over two levels on the top floor.

The operation of the Forum was assigned to hiwentis. The intention is that even external users, who don't belong to Oberderdinger Marketing GmbH, will find their way to Oberderdingen for one-day and multiple days of events.

The Amthof - Best-preserved Monastic Access Yard in South Germany

In the Middle Ages, Oberderdingen belonged to the Cistercian Monastery of Herrenalb. The Amthof is the structural reference from this time. From 1480 onwards, the Amthof was the headquarters of the monastic branch office, from where the Herrenalbic territories in Kraichgau were managed. After secularisation, a Württemberg bailiff took over the management of the branch office instead of the monastery administrator.


Through to the present day, the former Amthof and Pfleghof is the centre point of the community. In the past years, the former Tithe barn has been converted into the town hall; from the former sentries' house, the community library was developed and the office became the Protestant community centre. In addition, there is also still the church with the bell tower as the oldest building in the Amthof, the winepress, the building of the Weingärtnergenossenschaft (wine garden cooperative) and the so-called "Witch Tower" within the Amthof walls.

Traffic should flow, but not disturb


A lot of money has been invested over the past years in developing the traffic infrastructure. Two years ago, the town's Flehingen bypass road was opened, right through the middle of the intercommunal industrial region of Oberderdingen, a connection between the L 554 and from the direction of Bruchsal and the L 554 to Oberderdingen costing 6.3 million Euros. Since then, the heavy traffic has been guided around Flehingen.

This relief is still missing for the Oberderdingen community heart. The plan for a 2.2 km long community bypass, which connects the L 1103 from Bretten with the L 554, is obligatory. At the start of 2004, the project's acceptance into the Local Authority Traffic Financing Act [GVFG] programme of the state was approved. Construction is due to start this year.

Every day, almost 11,000 vehicles put a strain on the community thoroughfare, which is very narrow in some parts. With the realisation of the centre bypass route, further starting points will be offered as part of the ongoing community heart renovation measures.


Large sewage projects and a new water disposal concept will form the focal points of structural investment in the coming years. However, the building of a grammar school for the school catchment area of Oberderdingen, which comprises about 25000 inhabitants, is also on the wish-list. The necessary number of student exist. Unfortunately what is missing is the submitted institute ruling from the state of Baden-Württemberg.

In the interests of our students in the whole of the middle years and with a view of the significance for the industrial site, the grammar school remains the objective of the community. 

Enthusiasm for the Future!

Despite, or even because, in these months and in view of the budget information, some things have to be reviewed and not all our plans can be realised, Oberderdingen has enthusiasm for the future.

Together, the community and its committed citizens will succeed in contributing to a family-friendly environment in Oberderdingen providing everything for life.