Partner Municipality of Villar Perosa


Since 2006, Villar Perosa in Italy has been the second partner municipality of Oberderdingen.

Villar Perosa is the original homeland of the Großvillars population. It is situated in Piedmont in the north west of Italy, in the Waldensian Valleys approximately 48 km west of Turin in the Cottian Alps and stretches over an area of 11.54 km² and to a height of 465 – 1,293m.

4,200 residents live here in 5 districts and many small hamlets, whose names still reflect today the surnames of Großvillars families, such as Vincon, Combe, Ciardoussin.

Villar Perosa is an industrial community. In 1906, R.I.V. was founded by Giovanni Agnelli and Roberto Incerti. This is where the ball bearings for Fiat were manufactured. 

In the town, there is a nursery, a primary and secondary school and a library. The “Villaresi” spend their leisure time in the open-air swimming pool, playing volleyball and hockey, practising archery, at the musical association or voluntary forest fire service and at the seniors club.


On 21st October 2006, Mayor Thomas Nowitzki and Mayor Claudio Costantino signed the partner charter in Villar Perosa. The second part of the German-Italian partnership is now taking place on the weekend of 13th – 16th July 2007.


Here is the charter as it hangs in both town halls.