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Is there a pain burning in your heart?,
Put it out with "Kern'les Tee"

This motto is known far beyond Oberderdingen. For centuries, "Kern'les Tee" has been a great Oberderdingen wine produced by the Kern vineyard. Today, the Oberderdingen Kupferhalde is cultivated on about 120 hectares of vine-growing area by several vineyards and the "wine gardeners" of the winegrowing cooperative. Württemberg wine, mind you. Mentioned in documents for the first time in 1227, winegrowing has been traditional in the community, which became Baden land in 1973.

As a little anecdote told from the time of the 30-year war, it is said that the good Oberderdingen wine saved the then village. It is said that an imperial regiment liked the bountiful wine so much that it forgot about the "pillaging".

Since 1995, Oberderdingen has been part of the 355 km long Kraichgau-Stromberg wine route, which connects 47 cities and communities with another 82 districts in the Baden and Württemberg winegrowing region.

It is worth trying Oberderdingen wine, sipping a glass or enjoying a wine tasting with friends. There are plentiful opportunities to do this, as this small wine guide will show you. Anyone who is also interested in the work of the winegrower can become an expert with the winegrowers or even help out with the vintage.


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