Leopold Feigenbutz
1827 - 1904. 44 years as schoolmaster in Flehingen. Honorary citizen. Chronicler of Kraichgau.
Main work: "Der Kraichgau und seine Orte" [Kraichgau and its districts].
Campaigner for interdenominational schools.


August Aschinger
08.04.1862 - 31.01.1911. First Derdinger honorary citizen, most famous gastronome in Berlin until the 2nd World War. His corporation included renowned hotels and public houses in every district, known as a result of the cheap diners with free bread. After 1945 downfall and end of his business.


Karl Fischer
02.03.1893 - 03.07.1985, founded a workshop for electrical equipment in 1925 in Badenweiler-Oberweiler. Since 1931, under the partnership of Heinrich Blanc, he built EGO-Oberderdingen into the leading company for the hot plate industry. Honorary citizen, held the Großes Verdienstkreuz [Great Cross of Merit] from the Federal Republic of Germany, numerous patents in the region of electrical heating elements.


Heinrich Blanc
11.12.1896 - 08.04.1960. Founder of Derdinger industry in 1925 with the production of copper hot-water bottles and hearth vessels. Since 1931 merged with EGO (Elektro-Geräte-Bau Oberderdingen). 1956 honorary citizen.



Heinz Treffinger
Born 31.01.1923 in Oberderdingen
Director of the E.G.O. Group of companies
Oberderdingen has much to thank Heinz Treffinger for: including the concentration of research and development of E.G.O. in Oberderdingen, he lobbied for the community library in the sentries house, he is interested in issues of school and associations. Together with Karl Fischer, he organised one of the first German-Yugoslavian Joint Venture companies.


Eugen Gültlinger
Born 09.09.1920 in Oberderdingen
As a teacher, deputy headmaster and headmaster, he has actively and enthusiastically supported the development of our community as a school site. In terms of community politics, he has represented the interests of our citizens for many years as a councillor, county councillor, member of the town advisory board and district mayor, furnished with great trust. His commitment as a town chronicler, winegrowing chronicler and author of numerous publications, festschrifts, association chronicles, in matters concerning nature protection and as an officer in and for associations within our community, are visible indications of his close connection to his homeland






Other Personalities


Erhard Bissinger
1843 - 1910. For many years a consul in Syria. Founded a kindergarten, endowed his parents' house and 2 village fountains to his home municipality of Flehingen.

Karl Eigenmann,
Born in 1863 in Flehingen, acquired his PhD in 1889 in the USA, became Professor for Zoology at the University of Indiana in 1891. Died in 1927 in California.

Franz von Sickingen
1481 - 1523. Ancestral castle in Sickingen. Reichsritter (Knight of the Empire), fought for the reformation and the imperial knightage. Upon attempting to break the power of the nobility and strengthen the power of the Emperor, he died in battle at his Nanstein castle near Landstuhl in Palatinate.

Leopold Kirchgessner
1828 - 1904, Mayor in Flehingen between 1874 and 1880. In 1876, he acquired the castle and all the possessions of Wolff Metternich and created, as a result, good conditions for the later plans of the municipality.

Samuel Friedrich Sauter
1766 - 1846, Poet of Kraichgau. Most famous poems: "Wachtelschlag" and "Das arme Dorfschulmeisterlein". Popular poet. Perfect example of Biedermeier style.

Wilhelm Jourdan
1858 - 1924, Textile and foodstuff trader. His business stood in the place of the Amthof-Apotheke. Before 1949, this road was called "Joudan-Gäßle".

Dr. Friedrich Schmitt
1910 - 1994
First independent doctor in Oberderdingen, member of synod in the Evangelical regional church, lively participation in municipality life.

Gustav Brandauer
1891 - 1969
Principle of Oberderdingen primary school, local historian and author of the Heimatbuch (home town almanac).

Paul Burger
1891 - 1953
Mayor, promoter of Oberderdingen industry and viniculture.

Karl Pfister
1904 - 1981
Mayor, promoter of Oberderdingen industry and viniculture, initiator of changeover to vines.

Karl Kern
1877 - 1954
Vineyard owner, viniculture pioneer in Oberderdingen, co-founder of the Weingärtnergenossenschaft (cooperative cellar).

Heinrich Kunzmann
1912 - 1956
Co-founder of the Oberderdingen post-war industry, committed to municipality politics and club activities.

Adolf Kögel
1907 - 1972
Co-founder of the Oberderdingen post-war industry, active involvement in club activities.

Jean Dumas
led a group of deported Waldensians to Switzerland in 1698. In 1699, he returned to Württemberg and became the first priest of Großvillars and Kleinvillars until his death in 1709.

Daniel Mondon,
born in Bobbio in the Pellice Valley in Piedmont, became priest in Palmbach (1794-1798). From 23.04.1798 until his retirement in 1828, he held office as the priest in Großvillars and Kleinvillars. Mondon was the last Waldensian priest in Großvillars and had royal dispensation to preach in French as he was not able to speak German. He died on 28.12.1840.

Thomas Ailland,
one of the first settlers, belonged to the parish of the villages of Großvillars and Kleinvillars. In 1714, he returned with his family to his Piedmont home.