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The permanent exhibition in the museum of Aschingerhaus is dedicated to the three honorary citizens of Oberderdingen August Aschinger, Karl Fischer and Heinrich Blanc. Their biography is closely connected with the economic development of the municipality of Oberderdingen.

In addition, the development and history of Aschinger AG, E.G.O. and BLANCO are on display; from the past, to the present and through to the future. The visitors are creatively imparted information using state-of-the-art media technology.

August Aschinger: 08.04.1862 – 31.01.1911
Restaurateur in Berlin

August Aschinger, born in Oberderdingen, opened his first Stehbierhalle (a beer hall providing standing room only) in Berlin in 1892. The company expanded until Aschinger AG emerged in 1900. At that time, the Aschinger empire was the largest gastronomic corporation in Europe.

Heinrich Blanc: 11.12.1896 – 08.04.1960

In 1925, Heinrich Blanc founded the company Blanc & Co in Oberderdingen, now known as BLANCO. Nowadays, BLANCO is the leading producer of predominantly stainless steel products in the sectors of kitchen technology, communal feeding and medical technology





Karl Fischer: 02.03.1893 – 03.07.1985

In 1925, Karl Fischer founded the Schwarzwälder Zangen Kontakt Werkstätte in Oberweiler (now known as Badenweiler). In 1929, the company was renamed E.G.O. Elektro-Gerätebau Oberweiler. In 1931, a partnership developed between Karl Fischer and Heinrich Blanc. The company relocated to Oberderdingen. It develops, produces and distributes heating and control elements for the electrical equipment industry.

The company with its headquarters in Oberderdingen is now a group of companies with worldwide standing.



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